Body Pure True Weight Bmi And Body Fat Analyzer With Free Adjustable Cincher

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Fat measuring instrument according to peoples age, height,weight, gender value, accurate measure the human body fat, and human body fat state number. As a measure of weight with obesity standards have been out of date, the amount of fat in the body to really tell you you are "fat person" or "lean", such as high blood pressure, high blood fat disease is threatening you, and how to control the diet. Two modes-standard and athlete-to provide accurate results based on your exercise regimen. Stores up to 9 individual profile settings. Displays readings quickly in about 7 seconds. Displays numbers in either US or Metric. In only 5 seconds, the device uses gentle micro-electrical currents to measure your body fat percentage, BMI body mass index, and basic metabolism information you can use to fine-tune your exercise routine

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