Oled 128 X64 Usb Tester Dc Voltmeter Current Voltage Meters Power Bank Battery Capacity Monitor Qc3.0 Phone Charger Detector

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Product Description:
. Material: Plastic 
. Color:  Black 
. Voltage: 3.0000-30.000V 
. Current: 0-5.1000A 
. Operating temperature: -10 - 60°C 
. Size: 65 x 24 x 14mm
 This test can be a USB charging current, voltage, discharge capacity,Quantity of electric charge,power, timing, intelligent devices.
 It can be very easy to find digital device charging problem.
 Tester three dimensional size 65 * 24 * 14mm                                                                                   
 The only button on the tester is used to view and test data switch, The tester can be powered down to save dat
. Input Voltage: 3.0000V - 30.000V
.Input current : 0 - 5.1000A 
.Cumulative capacity range: 0-99999 mah precision: 0.001 Ah
.Charge accumulation scope: 0-999999 MWH precision: 0.001 Wh
.Cumulative power range: 0-299.999W precision: 0.001W
.Timing the maximum range: 0-999 hours 59 minute 59 seconds precision: 1 second
.Parameters that you can test: Voltage of battery. Current of battery, discharge capacity of battery,Quantity of electric charge,power of battery,timing.
.Communication function: Yes
. Parameters adjusting function :Yes. Equipment for parameters adjustment: One electronic load,one constant current  source. Voltage of constant current source should be set to 8.5V 
There are 3A, 2A, 1A and 0.3A models for current adjusting.
. Clean the data : Push the button until the parameters changed to next sets of  parameters. Then release the button.
Then the next sets of parameters will be started and they will start from zero.
.  Over voltage or under voltage : Over voltage or under voltage,OLED screen displays a warning symbol and issue rapid beep beep sound.
.  Turn on mode l: The oled screen will show all parameters within 1s when you connect power supply by Micro USB or male plug of USB with wire.(It is to check whether the OLED screen  is good or not).Then you can see the parameters used last time(capacitor and  which set of parameters). You also can see the current voltage, current and over  voltage or under voltage. Please see following illustration.
USB output port can be connected to a data line, a discharge resistor or the  like cable device comprising a data communication function, the data does not affect the data transmission line.
Test specifications, voltage can not exceed 30V, current can not exceed 5.1A.
Note:When the voltage is lower than 3V on the instrument display No display screen or higher than 22V,oled screen displays a warning symbol and issue rapid beep beep sound, it does not affect the use.

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